Roger Harrell

Roger completed his B.A in journalism from the University of Texas in Austin and studied art history extensively. He has over 15 years consigning furniture, antiques and fine art, as well as estate sales and owner of Roger Harrell Estate Sales


Preparation for an estate sale includes explaining the details of the process first.  Gathering any information from the client and then we do extensive research on most items. 

Cleaning the entire home and then our professional staging begins.

We advertise on 24/7 Estate Sales and Roger Harrell Estate Sales websites. Descriptions and photographs are included along with a map to the property and pre-printed signs placed accordingly. This is paid by Roger Harrell. 


Experience and knowledge in art and design.

Extensive database research.

Capacity to work with any size estate sale.

Our process is explained in detail to each client from the beginning.  

Our standards are high in meeting our clients expectations. Listening then educating the client how the process flows. Handling each stage of each sale with respect and honesty is who we are. 

Processing Payments

All credit cards, checks and cash will be accepted. The client will receive payment within 7 to 10 days upon conclusion of the sale. Any remaining items are donated to a local charity and the client will receive that tax receipt.

Using Format